“HOW DO I GET A GAME PUBLISHED?” in 17 Tweets. I’m sorry, I mean “Steps.”

By John Kovalic (@muskrat_john)

STEP 1: Make a playable prototype of your game.

STEP 2: Playtest the HELL out of it. Not just with family and friends. Most importantly, with people with no vested interest in your sanity.

STEP 3: Keep playtesting it.

STEP 4: No. Seriously. KEEP PLAYTESTING THE DAMN THING, until you’re SICK of it. Then playtest some more.

STEP 5: Go to gaming conventions. Talk with people who own companies. Ask them about their submission process. Buy them beers.

STEP 6: Hey! Look! There’s some free time! Just right for some more PLAYTESTING!

STEP 7: Work on more prototypes to send to companies. Make these the best you can.

STEP 8: Unless you want to FOUND your own gaming company.


STEP 10: Is it a day ending in “Y”? Time for more playtesting.

STEP 11: Send out your prototypes. Follow the companies’ submission guidelines TO THE LETTER.

STEP 12: No. Really. TO THE LETTER! If you can’t follow THEIR rules, why should they trust yours?

STEP 13: Be prepared for rejection. Do not let rejection break you.

STEP 14: Accept some of the criticism. It’s nothing personal. Some may be hooey, but some may do you good.

STEP 15: Do not get defensive. NO, JUST DON’T. Send out polite, professional “Thank you"s. Hope they are willing to keep in touch.

STEP 16: Send out more prototypes. Set up more playtests. Did someone say "PLAYTESTS”?

STEP 17: Repeat until you get accepted, or start working on your next game.