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About The Compendium

What's in The Compendium?

Profiles on more than 240 board game publishers, including whether they are accepting submissions, what types of games they publish, representative titles from their catalog, where they are based, whether they plan to use Kickstarter, how they prefer to be contacted, and more.

Why charge?

We're committing to maintain The Compendium for the long run. That means ensuring the information remains current even in a rapidly changing industry. That's a huge commitment of time (and money). Charging for access helps us offset those considerable costs.

How does paying for access work exactly?

There are two ways to gain access. You can support Cardboard Edison through Patreon for $2 or more a month, or you can make a one-time payment of $25 through our website. If you choose the Patreon option, there's no minimum time commitment. If you choose the one-time option, you'll have access forever. In either case, you'll receive a code that will let you access The Compendium here.

How can I add my publishing company to the list?

Contact us at any of the social-media accounts below.

Is there a charge for publishers?

There's no charge to have a profile in the database. If you want access to the full database, you can always pay using one of the two methods mentioned above.

Will there be any changes to The Compendium?

Yes! In fact, we're always working on improving the database, both by adding more publishers and by upgrading the website's performance.