Cardboard Edison's Favorite Tips & Resources - September 2015

Our roundup of excellent board game design links and tips this month includes a new Meaningful Decisions interview, "golden rules" of design, advice for making the most of the design process and more...








  • "Play a TON of games. And very different games at that. More experience is just more tools to draw from." - Ben Pinchback
  • “I think probably the best advice I have is work on distancing yourself from your project. Be willing to break it and re-form it and think of it as an object distant from yourself. Be willing to push, and bend, and break that thing, and be focused on creating the best experience for the gamers and understand that it’s something you’re making for them.” - Anne-Marie De Witt
  • Mark Rosewater on what your priorities should be at each step of the creative process. Part 1, Part 2.
  • "If a design isn’t working, kill it. It’s tough but for the best. Fail fast. Move on." - Ben Pinchback


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