Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - October 2018

In this month's roundup of excellent board game design links and quotes, we have several different ways of thinking about games, lists of useful resources for making prototypes, reminders about the design process, and more.





  • “Don’t give up if the feedback is negative; correct and move on. Be prepared to question everything you have done and to change even when changing is the most painful thing to do. It will eventually pay off.” - Nestor Tyr


  • “The more I create, the more I develop the skill of persistence. I see people ‘give up’ so easily, convinced that a problem is unsolvable, resigning themselves to a flaw in their work that they see as unavoidable. With very rare exceptions, there’s ALWAYS a solution. Find it.” - Peter C. Hayward

  • “You’re going to have bad playtests, bad feedback, lack of solutions to problems, and especially lack of time. Take feedback for what it is and try something different. Most importantly: Don’t stop trying.” - Lock Watson

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