Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - June 2015

This month, our roundup of great board game design links features inspirational quotes, publishing tips from people in the know, some exceptional podcasts, a couple of appearances by your favorite tips curators and more.







  • “Immerse yourself in the community! The gaming community is very welcoming, and in my experience designers are always eager to help other designers.” - Suzanne Zinsli
  • Shari Spiro of AdMagic on balancing life and work in the games industry
  • “It’s important to do bad work. You can iterate on bad work and make it good. You can’t iterate on something you haven’t started.” - Jay Treat
  • “Play as many games as possible. Gaming is a vocabulary with a breadth of history. Knowing how to speak games and what’s already been done and not done, well and not so well will have a big impact on your design and its success.” - Justin Schaffer of Terra Nova Games

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