Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - February 2018

This month's roundup of great board game design links and quotes includes thoughtful pieces on design theory, lots of pitching tips, pointers for the process of game design and more.




  • The importance of pursuing drastically different ideas for a game design (audio)

  • “Who are you designing your game for? You? Go wild with weird mechanics. Friends? Listen & tune the game to suit them. A publisher? Learn to pitch a product to a business - you’re B2B. The world? It’s a product in the market that you will need to sell.” - Emma Larkins

  • “You will be one game better at #gamedesign after each game you design. Don’t feel like your early darlings are the best you’ll do. Move on. Design better games.” - Peter C. Hayward


  • “Negative feedback is a designer’s life blood. Positive feedback feels nice, but doesn’t improve your game. Though it stings initially, you learn to love negative feedback, because your game’s flaws will come out and you want to hear them Before your game goes to press.” - Jay Treat

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