Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - August 2016

This month's roundup of our favorite board game design links includes advice for new small publishers, ways of creating the experience you want in your game, tips for finding a publisher, important things to keep in mind as you design, and more.







  • Ways to cope with being overwhelmed or blocked in the game design process (audio)

  • “You’ll make a game and think you’ve nailed it the first time you write the rules. Then comes the real work, which can be exhausting, discouraging, confusing. But if you believe in your game, don’t be dismayed. Get it in front of people. Playtest it. Toss out what isn’t working, explore new ideas. Make something you love playing, and then enjoy what follows.” - David Somerville

  • “Remind yourself, always: Your game is not as simple as you think. It is not as elegant as you think. It is not as intuitive as you think.” - Eric Lang

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