Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - April 2015

This month our list of top links for board game designers includes a new Meaningful Decisions interview, a wide-ranging panel by indie designers and publishers, great inspirational quotes and more.





  • Time management tips for board game designers
  • “Don’t be afraid of failure, instead run at it and find what you can learn from failure.” - Daryl Andrews
  • “It’s important to not only play a lot of games, but to play a different assortment of games. Even ones you may not like. Each game you play is an opportunity to learn something new.” - Isaias Vallejo


  • How to learn to accept playtesters’ feedback
  • “If you ignore all feedback and advice, you will fail. If you twist and contort your designs to follow all feedback, you will fail. Listen to your advisors, and weigh their words of wisdom. But you have to make the final decisions, you have to provide the vision.” - Kevin Wilson

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