Cardboard Edison's Favorite Tips & Resources of 2015

This past year was filled with useful material about every aspect of board game design. We've gathered our favorite links and quotes from the past 12 months in one place. We also added links to all of the interviews, articles and infographics that we produced this year.

As always, we hope you find help and inspiration here.

Thanks, and happy 2016!

~ Chris & Suzanne Zinsli, Cardboard Edison




  • “You can never playtest enough. If you think you are done, you are not. Playtest some more.” - Jon Gilmour

  • Different playstyles you can mimic during solo testing

  • “If you ignore all feedback and advice, you will fail. If you twist and contort your designs to follow all feedback, you will fail. Listen to your advisors, and weigh their words of wisdom. But you have to make the final decisions, you have to provide the vision.” - Kevin Wilson




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