Cardboard Edison’s Favorite Tips & Resources - July 2015

This month, our roundup of great board game design links features a new Meaningful Decisions interview and an insightful post by our interviewee, tips for negotiating a publishing contract, advice on playtesting and more…




  • Score tracks: good and bad examples, and what else they can do
  • “I think world-building is very important for some games, but I think it’s very easy for creators to lose track of the fact that nobody will care as much about their world as they do. The mechanics and decisions players make have to reinforce your fictional construct, or it’ll all get ignored.” - Joshua Buergel




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SENIOR INVENTORS: Steven Cole, John du Bois, Richard Durham, Matthew O’Malley, Isaias Vallejo

JUNIOR INVENTORS: Stephen B Davies, Luis Lara, Behrooz Shahriari, Aidan Short, Jay Treat

ASSOCIATES: Robert Booth, Doug Levandowski, Nathan Miller, Marcel Perro

APPRENTICES: Gino Brancazio, Keith Burgun, Kiva Fecteau, Scott Gottreu, JR Honeycutt, Brad Price, Diane Sauer, Dan Sinensky