Never succumb to the tyranny of reasonable voices. What do I mean by that? There will be a cacophony of well meaning people in your life who will tell you to stop playing games or buckle down and quit scribbling away in notebooks and generally remind you that you need to grow up and be responsible. The life of a designer or an independent contractor in general is not the life for everyone. There are no regular paydays, no paid vacations, and no health care. All of this can convince you that the reasonable voices have it right on more than one occasion, but you have to persevere beyond all of that. When you do what you love, you won’t need to get pumped up or motivated to get to work. You can expect to be disappointed, criticized, disheartened, and frustrated on your worst days. You can also look forward to feelings of satisfaction, triumph, vindication, and elation when something you formed out of your own head and crafted with your own hands is understood, embraced, enjoyed, and even championed by someone else.
— Levi Mote (@LeviMote) of Bonsai Games, on The Game Crafter