Cardboard Edison's Favorite Tips & Resources - February 2015

This month’s roundup of useful board game design links features two more infographics from our series on licensing contracts, advice for playtesting brutally, tips from some giants in the industry and lots more.






  • “Know what you’re getting into. Once you get past the thrill of expressing your creativity, you have to deal with setbacks and criticism. Making a game is fun. Publishing it is business.” - Ivan Turner


  • “Make your prototypes look as finished as your game is.” - Daniel Solis


  • “Not all problems have easy, perfect solutions, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try something unusual when all the solutions are messy anyway.” - Teale Fristoe

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JUNIOR INVENTORS: Stephen B Davies, Luis Lara, Behrooz Shahriari, Aidan Short, Jay Treat

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