Cardboard Edison's Favorite Tips & Resources - February 2019

This month, our roundup of favorite board game design links and quotes includes counterintuitive tips, deep thoughts that are worth thinking about, advice for working in the industry, and more.





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ADVISERS: Rob Greanias, Peter C. Hayward, Justin Gibbs, Robin Kay

SENIOR INVENTORS: Steven Cole (Escape Velocity Games), Calvin Johns, Chris and Kathy Keane (The Drs. Keane), Joshua J. Mills, Marcel Perro, Behrooz "Bez" Shahriari, Shoot Again Games, Nick Thacker

JUNIOR INVENTORS: Ryan Abrams, Luis Lara, Neil Roberts, Jay Treat

ASSOCIATES: Dark Forest Project, Stephen B. Davies, Thiago Jabuonski, Doug Levandowski, Nathan Miller, Matt Wolfe