At what point is a game perfect?

Benny Sperling (@benny275):
At what point is a game perfect? (Meaning no more playtesting) What would you consider a “perfect” game and why?

Samuel A. Liberty (@SA_Liberty):
When you’ve chiseled away all the bits that aren’t fun.

Grant Rodiek (@HerrohGrant):
I think Herr Liberty makes a good point. … I sincerely believe it’s one of the few pieces of philosophical nonsense that adds value.

Bryan Fischer (@bryanfischer):
It’s not about developing a perfect game, it’s about tweaking a game until its rules cannot be broken. Could still be a bad game.

Michael Fox (@idlemichael):
Surely there’s no such thing as a perfect game? You just need to know when to step back and say you’re done. But that’s HARD.