Tips for Protospiel (or any playtesting event) from Brett Myers (@brettspiel)

Tip 1: Relax. You’re there to play test your game with fellow designers, not to impress them. We like it rough, not polished.

Tip 2: Forget about the publishers. This is for play testing, not for pitching your game. They’ll look and sit in if they want.

Tip 3: Bring extra materials. Be prepared to make changes on the fly. Bring extra card stock, a Sharpie and a razor knife.

Tip 4: Bring a notebook and a pencil. Listen to your play testers. Take good notes. Write down everything. Ask questions.

Tip 5: Not all feedback will be immediately useful. Here’s the tricky part. You’ll have to figure out what is best for the game.

Tip 6: Bring a reusable water bottle and snacks. Water can become scarce and meals are often irregular. Stay sharp and focused.

Tip 7: Be considerate of your play testers’ time. Make sure everyone gets a game on the table. Encourage participation.

Tip 8: As a play tester, keep in mind the designer’s goals when you make suggestions. We’re here to help refine, not remake it.

Tip 9: Play games! There is no greater font of game design inspiration than a room full of prototypes being played. Be inspired!

Tip 10: Have fun! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow designers and make personal connections that will last for years.