5--make that 6--tips for new game publishers from Panda Game Manufacturing


I’ll be tweeting 5 tips for new game designers/publishers from the #GAMA overseas manufacturing session in case you weren’t there last week. 

#1 Keep your game specs simple for your first release. If you want to do something different, limit it to one unique or special component.

Tip 2: Custom 2d wooden shapes are relatively easy to make & cheaper than plastics (low setup costs). Homesteaders Game is a great example.

Tip 3: Use interlocking cardboard for fancy 3d shapes at a fraction of the cost of plastic / wood. (ie Merchants & Marauders Treasure Chest)

Tip 4: Choose an order quantity that could fill exactly HALF a container. There’s a chance we could combine the shipment with another order.

A note on combining your shipment with another order - this currently only works if you ship to Game Salute or PSI.

Tip 5: Add some buffer time to your release schedule There are many ways a project could get sidetracked. Under promise & over deliver!

Tip 6: We promised 5 tips but we’ve got an extra one coming up!

We can make dice as small as 8mm. This could be used as an alternative to wooden cubes! Price difference depends on order quantity.